7 Westworld Theories (So Far) That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

What was Westworld like for you? Too dark, too creepy? A lot of people are speculating on Westworld’s theories after watching the first episode, let’s have a look at a few.

Could Dolores be the key?

Dolores is the key - Westworld Season 1

Being the oldest host in the park, Dolores definitely has one up her sleeve. Despite having the most memories and experiences, it’s like she’s still not aware of her world, but, could she be playing dumb? Is she the sole survivor of a park that failed 30 years ago?

What is the man in black after?

What is the man in black after? - Westworld season 1

Who is the man in black and what is he after? Whatever it is, it has to do with the previous park that failed 30 years ago. Was he responsible for the failure and wants a repeat or is he hooked to something? The Man in Black and Dolores A lot seems to be going on here. Some people suggested rape when he dragged Dolores into the barn but that is not the case. He might have put a bug in her to spread to other hosts. Is he some sort of freedom fighter?

Keep an eye on the flies

Flies featured heavily on the first episode, crawling across the eyes of the unblinking hosts to show their inhuman nature.

westworld animated GIF

But Dolores swipes a fly at one point as if she’s becoming aware. Or is she already aware and just enjoying a moment of freedom when no one’s looking?

season 1 animated GIF

Either way, the flies are the one to watch, so don’t take your eyes off them.

Is Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) behind it all?

Dr. Anthony Hopkins - Westworld Season 1

Dr. Robert Ford is the one updating the hosts with reveries that are allowing the hosts to access their deleted memories. With his reactions to the glitches complicated, is he on to something? What is Dr. Robert Ford’s Motive? Is he trying to evolve his androids to take over the world? Maybe even transfer his mind into one because he’s getting a bit too old?

Which human is a robot?

You saw how some hosts were awakening due to moments of consciousness and how some people were missing during host voice commands. Could it be that some people are being controlled?

Stay tuned as Westworld is definitely not done playing with your head yet! Catch the next episode of Westworld on Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Westworld Season 1 Episode 2.


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