2 Broke Girls is Back With Season 6 on Monday October 10, 2016!

The first episode of Season 6 will air on October 10, 2016 at 9PM on CBS.

With only a few days to spare, the oddball friendship cum business partnership of Max and Caroline return to the television screens in the long-awaited screening of 2 Broke Girls, season 6. Fresh new prospects and new cast members wait to join in on the fun.

A Crumbly Foundation

The thread of many of the episodes of prior seasons involved garnering enough support and funding for their cupcake business. The many antics and shenanigans have left them without money and their business, which resulted in their return to the diner as waitresses. In an attempt to regain a part of their dream, the pair decided to open an after-hour cupcake window in the diner.

This has led to many interesting developments and disastrous results. The pair has managed to build solid relationships with colleagues and patrons, who try and support them on this journey.

Fresh and Tasty

Season 5 ended with the pair – who are now part-owners of the diner – working on finishing up their brand new dessert bar, which is a step up from the window in the wall.

Sophie and Oleg will welcome the arrival of their baby in Season 6, but all is not sunshine and happiness.

Max still has to work through all the drama and turmoil caused by her breakup from Randy.

Season 6 will undoubtedly provide the millions of fans with fresh new comedy in the style so unique to 2 Broke Girls. It will also be the season to test the resilience of the girls, as they deal with their newfound responsibilities as part-owners, Max’s ability to work through the breakup, and the various new twists and turns life throws at the pair. Viewers will enjoy a full hour season premiere.

The first episode of Season 6 will air on October 10, 2016 at 9PM on CBS.