Brooke Hogan poses nude for PETA – PHOTO

Hollywood FAQs: American actress and singer Brooke Hogan – known as a reality TV star – recently posed nude for the for the rights of the charity PETA. The actress and singer had showed off her curves while in a cage.

The 23-year-old has posed for some black and white pictures. But the pictures of the singer had left her former professional wrestler dad, Hulk Hogan, red faced when he had viewed the pictures in an exhibition on 11th August.

Hogan had no choice than to cover up the pictures of his daughter with his hands. The pictures that have been take by the actress Women in Cages of PETA exhibition that was held in the Cafeina Lounge in Miami Florida.

Miss Hogan, who is also known as the Best Star Brooke, had posed nude to support the cause. However, Brooke is not the first star to pose nude for PETA. Earlier, even Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Imbruglia and Denis Rodman had stripped for some of the campaigns in the past.

Hogan is currently preparing herself for a new role in a movie. The actress is trying hard to do get in shape and has not yet revealed the name of the upcoming movie she will be working in.