Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie review

Hollywood FAQs: Director Tim Burton presents ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ which stars Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, Noah Taylor, Christopher Lee, Philip Weigratz and Helena Bonham Carter. Burton has brought a touching story about a chocolatier named Willy Wonka and simple boy Charlie.

Willy Wonka owns a chocolate factory and announces a huge contest to select an heir for his massive chocolate factory. Charlie is a good hearted boy who belongs to a poor family. Five children who get the golden ticket from a chocolate including Charlie get an opportunity to tour the chocolate factory. The chocolate factory has never been seen by an outsider in the last fifteen years.

The story of the movie is based on the classic children’s book of Roald Dahl. Depp, who plays the role of Wonka, had enjoyed the work by playing the role of an infamous person. He has played more of the bookish role for the movie. Director Burton had actually did not like the original version of the movie and had made changes according to his taste. This is the reason some might feel that the movie has lost the original flavor in terms of wonderment. Overall, it is the perfect visual delight for all those who like chocolate.