Brangelina No More- 4 Break Up Films To Watch Before They Part Ways

Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. smith

Just when we thought that the only marriage meant to last forever in Hollywood is Brad and Angelina, the bombshell of their divorce has dashed all hopes of ever having a happily ever after especially if you are a celebrity. So as we mourn the end of their marriage, here are the 4 break up films to watch before they part ways.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. smith

We all know the couple met and fell in love during the making of this movie. The couple starred as two assassins who were working for rival firms and their mission was to eliminate each other. Even though Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston, fans still rooted for Brangelina to hook up. There was so much burning chemistry between the two that even the audience felt the heat. Come to think of it maybe Brad and Angelina should watch the movie again.

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2. By the Sea

brangelina in By The Sea

Directed by Angelina Jolie and starring the celebrity couple, rumors of their divorce first started doing the rounds when the movie was released. This movie makes us wonder if the couple was actually going through a loveless marriage. Brad plays Roland, and Angelina plays Vanessa, a couple who grow apart and decide to take a trip to France and try to salvage their marriage.

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3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall T

Forgetting Sarah T Marshall

This 2008 comedy will definitely cheer you up if you are going through a break up. It revolves around a television personality Peter Bretter whose girl friend breaks up with him after 5 years. He goes on vacation in Hawaii where he bumps into his ex with another man and he decides to have revenge sex with Rachael. A must watch to get over the brangelina divorce.

4. Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy


A nice classical movie and a scoop of ice-cream creates a perfect environment to heal after a break up. Billy Wilder is an insurance salesman manipulated by a beautiful woman into killing her husband to claim insurance money. Brangelina may have called it quits but just like any other break up life has to move on. We are however still hopeful for a reconciliation.