Here’s What You Need to Know About New Girl S6 Premiere Tonight!


Production of the new season of ‘New Girl’ kicked off, with the cast doing their table read on August 1st. Season 6 picks off barely three months after the end of season 5. The season finale featured Cece and Schmidt getting married, with Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess going their separate ways after the wedding.


Jess has been keeping herself busy by taking up new hobbies so as not to think about having a romantic future with Nick, who is in New Orleans with Reagan (Megan Fox). Winston, on the other hand, is trying out a long-distance relationship with Aly (Nasim Pedrad) and Cess and Schmidt are on a house hunt.

There could be a host of changes in the new season when Cess and Schmidt find a house, which would, of course, mean Schmidt moving out of the loft. Fox will make a return and reassert her role as the hot pharmaceutical rep who managed to steal Nick’s heart.


There has been a rumor that Jake Johnson might not be making an appearance in season 6. Johnson has been quite busy with his roles in the new reboot of ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Jurassic World’, casting doubt on his presence in the show. He has also been expanding his filmography, a perfect example being his role in the film ‘Digging for Fire’ as a co-writer.

Johnson, however, dispelled this rumor on his twitter account, even posted a picture of himself preparing for the shooting of the first episode of season 6. It is more than likely he will be on the show.


New Girl Season 6 Premieres on Tuesday, September 20 on Fox at 8:30 pm., here’s a teaser trailer to bring you up to speed. Don’t miss it!