Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington ads questioned

Hollywood FAQs: Questions have been raised by the British Advertising Standards Authority over the passing of advertisements of the Hollywood actresses Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts. Roberts and Turlington have appeared in two separate advertisements, in which the pictures of the actresses have been digitally modified.

The pictures have been modified in order to make the actresses look absolutely flawless. Roberts in the ad for Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation looks beyond natural which is said to be misleading.

The misleading image was noticed by the member of the parliament, Jo Swinson, who had raised the question regarding the photographs that have been digitally modified. Swinson has claimed that the two companies have released ads with extraordinary results that are misleading.

Meanwhile, even Turlington has appeared in a similar Maybelline ad for The Eraser, in which the actress’s skin is shown flawless with not a single wrinkle on her face. When asked L’Oreal, the company did confess that they have done a bit of touch up for the pictures, but still had insisted that the beautiful glowing skin of the actress was the perfect representation of their product. ASA has now asked for the pictures of the actress before it was touched upon. According to the contract signed by Roberts, air brushed pictures will not be distributed.