Chris Brown In Handcuffs After Weapons Assault Charge


Rapper Chris Brown has found himself in trouble once again with the law, this time being charged with a more serious crime that he hasn’t faced before – assault with a deadly weapon. The incident happened at around 3am, when a young woman by the name of Baylee Curran called 9-1-1 and stated that Brown had pointed a gun at her and threatened her. She said she was afraid for her life. A SWAT team arrived at the rapper’s residence, where there were reports of a stand-off between law enforcement and Brown. Official reports said that Chris refused to come out of the house, resisted arrest and later threw a duffel bag out of the window, where allegedly weapons and drugs were found. The victim was unharmed and finally Brown emerged and was taken into custody.

Chris Brown’s legal woes never seem to come to an end

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This hasn’t been the first time that the rapper has faced serious trouble – in the past, he dated singer Rihanna and the relationship seemed to be going strong, until he assaulted her, leaving bruise marks on her face and was arrested for aggravated assault. In 2013, he violated his probation and was sent to rehab to help deal with his rising anger issues as well as drug abuse. Though as a young man in the public eye, he did face a lot of public backlash and seemed to calm down, he is a father now to his daughter, Royalty, and should have mended his ways, learning from past experience. It is said that while he was under arrest, he had to give a drug test as well, due to substances being recovered from his residence, as well as the duffel bag he tried to get rid of.

However, another fishy side to the story comes from the victim, Baylee Curran, who made the claim against Brown. Though the media is known to drag anyone of lesser fame and “value” through the mud, this time tabloid claims are shocking. In one report by TMZ, Baylee was crowned Miss California Regional 2016. Nude photos of the beauty queen emerged and when she was questioned about it, she denied the allegations and insisted that they weren’t hers. Again, she continued skipping events that she was set to appear for on behalf of her crowning, but made excuses and was later photographed vacationing. Also, in another serious allegation, she was said to have tried to rob a Louis Vuitton bag with a Michael Kors wallet from a hotel. She has denied this as well, accusing the girl who made the complaint of being the true thief. READ THE REPORT BY TMZ.

Baylee Curran alleges Chris Brown pulled a gun on her…and spent her entire day talking to tabloids instead of the police about the incident

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Chris Brown has in the meanwhile been released on bail for an amount of $250,000. As he was holed inside his home for a total of 14 hours while the police waited outside, he posted a series of videos, which have since been deleted. He claims innocence, that he is being framed and even went on to say that when he reports stalkers, law enforcement take action only the following day, while when there’s a false claim made on him, they are quick to react and respond within a few minutes. READ ABOUT THE WHOLE ASSAULT SAGA ON CHRIS BROWN.