Amber Heard Elon Musk Dating

Amber Heard And Elon Musk Are Reportedly Doing What?!

If rumours and “sources” are to be believed, then Hollywood actress, Amber Heard is secretly dating billionaire founder of Tesla, Elon Musk!

Amber is currently in a bitter divorce battle with bad boy, Johnny Depp. She had filed a restraining order against him, citing domestic violence charges. He had allegedly smashed an iPhone in her face and threatened her many times over in their 4-year-old relationship together. She had also asked to be given $50,000 as spousal support, but after the Internet went ballistic after her, accusing her of trying to take Johnny’s money, she withdrew that request, though the divorce proceedings are still underway and there will be a hearing next month, in August.

Elon, on the other hand, is doing great in the business front. Though personally, he is going through a divorce with wife Talulah, after she filed papers in a court. Their relationship has been tumultuous over the years, with them separating, getting back together and now calling it quits again. They share 4 children together, and is still uncertain as to whether they will be sharing custody and how they will be dividing Elon’s billions.

When it comes to the new lovebirds, Amber and Elon have been silent on their reported relationship. Both have been friends for years now, though close sources are saying that they have been spending a lot of private time together as they battle their personal problems.

It seems Amber and her sister spent time at Elon’s Miami private home, and he has also been visiting her house often. It is also reported that she visited his L.A. office and that they had a 1-on-1 dinner together.

It’s left to be seen what comes of this so-called relationship. No one from either camps is confirming or denying it, though you can say that the fact that they are spending so much time together means that they are in the earliest stages of a hopefully blossoming romance. We wish them all the best and look forward to this good-looking couple officially getting together.