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Middle-Aged Khloé Gets Into Twitter Feud With Teen Chloë

The Kardashians are known for two things: selling themselves for money and bullying those who voice their opinion against it. Case in point: Yesterday the Internet erupted when Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat came alive with videos of a private call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Of course, sides were taken and those who sided with the Kardashians were, well, the Kardashians, while a number of other celebrities didn’t exactly take Swift’s side, but chose instead to point out the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

Wonder of wonders, Katy Perry also seemed to take Taylor’s side, or maybe she was just promoting her album. In any case, she tweeted

However, another young star of Hollywood who has also previously been a victim of the Kardashian cyber bullying is none other than Chloë Grace Moretz. The star has acted in a number of films since she was young,and most recently starred opposite Zac Efron in Neighbors 2. Known for her feminism and zero tolerance for one woman pulling her down, she tweeted

But as usual, instead of letting the 19-year-old actress have an opinion and dealing with it like a mature adult, Khloé Kardashian, now in her 30s, tweeted back at the youngster

Absolutely despicable. Of course, Moretz was a calm voice of reason, pointing out that the picture wasn’t her, and referenced the actual shot of her in a red-and-blue bikini while shooting for Neighbors 2.

Orange Is The New Black star, Ruby Rose responded directly to Khloé, being the only one with balls to face the younger Kardashian, saying

It’s now night-time in the US, so let’s safely presume people are resting their Twitter thumbs for some more action that we get to see tomorrow. But really, is it cool that a grown-ass woman trolls a teenager in public? Is it just because of her celebrity that she gets to get away with it? What would you think if a married-and-soon-to-be-divorced middle aged woman pounces on a young girl for merely having an opinion? Maybe social media has gone a little too far this time.