Denise Richards talks about her daughters and new baby Eloise Joni

Hollywood FAQs: After a long time, Hollywood actress Denise Richards stepped out with her new daughter Eloise Joni. The former wife of actor Charlie Sheen was spotted along with her other two daughters Sam and Lola, when Richards had come to pick them up from the camp.

The family seemed to be bonding pretty well with the new family member, who is named after Denise’s late mother Joni. After the bad separation episode with her husband, Richards made sure that she had a candid talk with her daughters.

Richards said that she had a frank talk with her daughters and had talked about her addiction. The ‘Wild Things’ actress said that she had even bought a book and had read them to her babies.

Denise said that she thought of talking to her daughters about the matter, as she was lately lying too much to them. Richards admitted that she had tried her best to protect her kids from the media, but still they would hear something from her friends. The 40-year old actress said that they are too young and have also comprehended some of it and as they would get older they would get to learn more about it.