Shannen Doherty wedding to be featured on new reality show ‘The Shannen Doherty Project’

Hollywood FAQs: After creating magic as Brenda Walsh, actress and author Shannen Doherty is all set to hit the TV sets again. The ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ star will soon be seen on WeTV, while she records her wedding ceremony with photographer Kurt Iswarienko.

The channel has planned an eight episode season for the actress, which has been tentatively named as ‘The Shannen Doherty Project’. The reality show of the 40-year-old actress will go on floors in the month of August 2011.

The season is expected to be premiered in early 2012. Sources from the production unit have said that that the show will be a good peep in to the daily life of the actress.

The wedding ceremony too is a part of the season. The reality show will not only include the couple, but also include the family of the couple. Since it is her wedding, the actress is struggling to cope with the commitments of the show and at the same time is also dealing with certain issues regarding her house and the insurance company. This is the second time Doherty is going to be a part of a reality series. Earlier the actress had participated in ‘Dancing With The Stars’.