Lamar Odom discharged from hospital after recovery

American former professional basketball player Lamar Odom’s health has improved and has been transferred from a Los Angeles hospital to a private facility. The family of the player said that they are proud of the miraculous improvement.
No information has been leaked over his currently condition, three months after he was found in an unconscious and critical condition at a brothel in Nevada. The basketball player was discharged from the hospital earlier this week. The information was given by a spokesperson of the family. The spokesperson, Alvina Alston said that the family is happy and proud over the miraculous but have not revealed any details.
The publicist in a statement said, “It is with extreme gratitude and appreciation to all of you around the world who have prayed without ceasing for Lamar, that we announce his transition to the next stage of his miraculous recovery at a new facility”.
Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada in October, 2015. The investigators said that he had overdosed with cocaine and other drugs during his three-day stay. When the player was transferred from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the family said that he was undergoing therapy.

Photo Credits: guim