Lamar Odom out of coma and improving

Former NBA star, Lamar Odom is fighting for his life in a hospital in Las Vegas while wife Khloe Kardashian is in a tuff with a brothel owner. Odom was found unresponsive while drinking and popping pills at a brothel near Las Vegas. The doctors at the hospital have not revealed anything but people familiar with the developments say that the NBA star is out of coma and is able to talk to Khloe.
Jim Harrick, Odom’s college basketball coach has been in touch with Khloe, who revealed that his condition has improved but his condition still remains critical. Odom was found unconscious at Dennis’s Hof’s Love Ranch Brothel near Las Vegas on October 13, 2015. Since then Hof has been on every report with the media talking about what Odom has been doing at the brothel.
On the other hand Khloe wants him to stop talking and has issued a statement through her publicist saying that Hof seeks publicity for his brothels in Nevada as he is also a reality star and his show ‘Cathouse’ on HBO is two years older than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.
Khloe also issued a statement requesting Hof to refrain from talking to the press during the difficult time of Lamar.

Photo Credits:metro