Selena Gomez reveals she underwent chemotherapy in 2013

American singer and actress Selena Gomez recently revealed that she took a break from the limelight in 2013 as she was undergoing some serious medical issues. Gomez revealed that she had to undergo chemotherapy to treat lupus. A website has revealed details of her love life during the testing times.
The singer in an interview admitted that she took a break from her career in 2013 and had cancelled all her tours to get herself treated. Another report has claimed that she had then also managed to stay in a relationship with her on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber by being regular on Skype.
More reports claimed that Bieber used to make little songs for his lady and perform them for her on Skype. Whenever Justin and Selena were together in Los Angeles, the two used to order food from the most expensive eateries in Beverly Hills.
On the work front, the singer is enjoying the success of her recently released album ‘Revival’ which is steadily gaining positive reviews. Moreover, Selena has also undergone some major changes with her second album as she has fired her mother from the job of her manager and has hired a new management team. The singer signed a deal with Interscope in 2014 and has demanded complete freedom with her new work.

Photo Credits: ew