Pierce Brosnan prevented by security officials for taking a knife on flight

Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame, was stopped by the security officials, as he was trying to take a ten inch hunting knife in to the flight. The blade was carried by the 62 year old star in his hand luggage as he was boarding the flight in Vermont.

Rules in the US suggest that the sharp objects like scissors, box cutters and knifes which are longer than 4 inches are supposed to be taken in the checked baggage. Brosnan was told that knives are not allowed in the hand baggage and that no objects can be carried that can cause injury to yourself or the passengers.
The things that can be taken with along include disposable razors, small scissors, spoons, umbrellas, knitting needles, tweezers, nail clippers and safety matches. The airport security has recently made a change in terms of carrying electrical equipments. The passengers are allowed to take the mobile phones, tablets and laptops but they must have power in them. The passengers who cannot turn on their laptops or phones could have them taken away.
Such devices have to be removed and screened separately. For carrying electric medical equipment, you can have a letter from the doctor.

Photo Credits: telegraph