Jennifer Aniston’s topless scene for Horrible Bosses never happened?

Hollywood FAQs: The much awaited Hollywood movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ is out and has shown the dark side of actress Jennifer Aniston. In the movie, Aniston plays the role of a sexually aggressive dentist, who never leaves a chance to harass her male assistant.

After some reports that had made the rounds suggesting that the ‘Friends’ star appeared topless in the movie, the actress clarified that no such scene had ever been shot. In the month of May, certain reports had stated that Aniston had allegedly shot for a topless sequence.

The ‘Marley & Me’ star made it clear that no such scene will appear in the movie or in the DVDs.

Director Seth said that there are plenty of things that one cannot even imagine doing and which could not be added in the trailer. In the trailer, the actress is seen stripping down to her underwear and seductively eating a popsicle, a banana and a hot dog. The director added that Aniston will be seen doing something a bit further.

Jennifer Aniston has always been known to act in roles that have not been provocative, some famous movies being ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Marley & Me’, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ among others.

Critics have said that ever since her split from Brad Pitt, she has begun to experiment with a number of roles, a noteworthy one being her role in ‘The Breakup’ where she walked naked in front of her co-star as part of the movie. ‘Horrible Bosses’ is going to definitely show a newer side of Jennifer Aniston, and who knows if this movie could boost her career further?

A still from the Horrible Bosses trailer