Karen Gillan of Dr Who runs naked in hotel corridor

Hollywood FAQs: Actress Karen Gillan, who is popular for her role of Amy Pond in ‘Dr Who’, was recently caught in an embarrassing situation. The actress was caught naked in the corridor of a hotel after a late night party.

Gillan was witnessed by another guest of the hotel, on whose door the actress was banging and trying to enter. Maybe the actress might have mistaken the room for her room.

The eye witness had said that he had peeped through the door hole when he saw a naked woman trying to cover herself with towels. The actress was whimpering as well as banging the door.

After failed attempts, Karen then lied down on the floor and tried to cover herself with towels. Suzanne Leonara, another guest at the hotel had said that she looked as if she had not slept the whole night. The 23-year-old actress was on a week long promotional visit. Stephen Moffatt, the boss of the show and Matt Smith who plays the doctor had also accompanied the actress for the promotional junket. The Corporation’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, spokesperson said that they are not aware of any such incident.

Update: Karen Gillan is doing just great and looked ravishing on 16th August, 2011, when Karen Gillan wore a nude dress at the screening of Dr. Who.

Check out Karen Gillan in her famous nude maxi dress: