Robert Ebert criticized for rude comments on Ryan Dunn’s death

Hollywood FAQs: After the death of the American television personality Ryan Dunn, popular film critic Roger Ebert had voiced his opinion on his blog and social network slamming Dunn for drunk driving. But the controversial statements made by Ebert didn’t go down to well with the friends and family members of Dunn.

Robert wrote, “Ryan Dunn, RIP. His Porsche flew through 40 yards of trees…Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” Later, Ebert had found that his Facebook page had been revoked. It was found that Ebert’s Facebook page was removed as he had violated the terms and conditions of the social network.

Reports state that it was later clarified by the spokes person of Facebook that the removal wasn’t intentional and was due to an error. The social network had even apologized for the error.

34-year-old Dunn died in a car crash on Monday, after which Ebert had expressed his opinion over the cause of the death of the television personality. This was when Dunn’s friends and family had taken his Facebook and Twitter page to criticize him. After the removal of the Facebook page the critic had on his twitter account had criticized the move of the social network. The page was then reinstated within an hour.

Ryan Dunn was famous for his role in the ‘Jackass’ film series.