Paris Hilton and Cy Waits call it quits

Hollywood FAQs: Barely a week had passed when American socialite and actress Paris Hilton had expressed that she is happy being with Cy Waits and everything seems to be doing pretty well, but now the heiress has announced that she has ended her relationship with Cy and has carried on in life.

The revelation was made on the show Lopez Tonight, when Hilton had told the TV host George Lopez that she and Cy are no more together. However, Hilton had confessed that she still loves him and that they will always remain good friends.

The separation came as a surprise, but it has been a long time since the actress had not tweeted about her relationship with Cy. Cy and Hilton had started dating soon after she had split with Doug Reinhardt in the year 2010.

The news of the split between Hilton and Cy was confirmed by the representative of the actress. Hilton’s representative had released a statement that had said that Cy and Hilton have ended their relationship. The statement had even added that the decision was taken mutually and that they still have immense respect for each other. Meanwhile, close friends of the actress had even confirmed that the two despite separation would remain good friends.

Friends say that Cy was not very comfortable being in the spotlight and this took a toll on their relationship.