Cuban model Vida Guerra twit pic creates buzz

Hollywood FAQs: Hot Cuban model Vida Guerra has crated a lot of buzz across the world when she uploaded her twit picture on twitter showing her self getting tanned at the beach. The Cuban actress is very well know across the world for her curves and sexy image.

Check out the hot Vida Guerra twit pic of her at a beach in Miami

The twit pic of Vida Guerra was showing the model soaking up the sun on a beach in Miami in the Unites States. She is also seen wearing a G string bikini and a hat on her head.

Vida Guerra has been a top model for many years and she has done her country proud many a times with a lot of success under her belt.

The picture that she added on her twit pic shows the beautiful tan that the model has got and all her fans across the world are more than happy to get to see her relaxing on the beach.

Q: Where has Cuban Model Vida Guerra moved?
Ans: Vida Guerra has moved from Cuba to the United States and lives in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.