Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn officially Split

Hollywood FAQs: Hot American Actress Scarlett Johansson has officially split with current boyfriend Sean Penn. The news broke out just recently in Hollywood as Scarlett was not seen with Penn on the red carpet at Cannes to support his new movie the “tree of life”.

Scarlett Johansson just divorced a few months before and started dating Sean Penn who is 24 years older to her. Scarlett is 26 year old now and Sean has reached 50. Both of them were often seen jogging together and at coffee shops. Sean has been a great Hollywood actor for years and Scarlett has had her share of Hollywood success.

Johansson had put on some weight and was working really hard on shedding it, her upcoming movie that she is working on is called the ‘The Avengers.’ The actress and Penn came out as a couple at the wedding ceremony of Reese Witherspoon in the month of March.

The couple has shown a lot of public affection recently but that all their fans are going to get as both of them have ended their relationship. Only time will tell if Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn will hook up together again.

How many times has Scarlette Johansson married?
Ans: The answer is just 1 so far to Ryan Reynolds.