James Arness passes away at 88

Hollywood FAQs: American actor James Arness, who was popular for his role of Marshal Matt Dillon, passed away on Friday. The 88 year old actor died a natural death at his residence in Brentwood.

The popular Western series ‘Gunsmoke’ had the legendary actor who played the role of Dillon. The series had started in the year 1955 on CBS .

Arness later on became one of the most popular stars of television. The actor had an impressive personality with a height of 6 foot and 7 inches. Arness had also played the role of the Dodge City lawman, for which he had earned several praises that had broken the Western genre conventions.

While talking about the character of Matt, the actor had said that the person’s character is very human, who is trying hard to do the difficult job. Gunsmoke had also been a popular radio program, in which William Conrad had given the voice of Dillon for three years. Arness then gradually became the most popular actor in the world of television along with the supporting cast members, Chester Goode, Dennis Weaver, Amanda Blake and Ken Curtis. Arness has left behind his wife, sons, Ron and Jimmy and six grand children.