Paris Hilton goes topless for premier of her reality show ‘The World According to Paris’

Hollywood FAQs: American socialite and actress Paris Hilton is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that the audience watches her new reality show. The new how was premiered on Wednesday, where she had made the best use of her sex appeal to grab attention for the reality show ‘The World According to Paris’.

The 30-year-old blonde, stripped in front of the camera on the first episode, while appearing topless in her bathroom. The actress did not shy away to show off her naked back while soaking herself in to the bath tub of her mansion at Beverly Hills.

Paris was seen washing her hair and soaking herself in the bath tub. Later the actress covered her body with a towel and started a conversation with her mother Kathy.

The premier episode had also shown a peek in to the relationship between Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits. Paris and Cy were seen having an argument, when the actress received a text message from her ex. However, later the couple had managed to patch up by sorting out things between them. Paris also had said that Cy is a great guy and that she does not want to mess things between them no matter what.