Janice Dickinson loses her false teeth in a restaurant?

Hollywood FAQs: American model and fashion photographer Janice Dickinson recently found herself in a very embarrassing situation. The 56-year-old model lost two of her false teeth, while dining in a restaurant in Southampton.

Before starting her meal, the model had removed her false tooth and wrapped them in a napkin. Dickinson said that she became so engrossed in chatting with her old friend that she misplaced the false teeth.

Initially, the model tried to find it herself and even went down the table in search of them. But later she recruited some of the men in the restaurant to search for the false teeth, which were later found under the table. Dickinson added that they were very expensive and had immediately taken them to the washroom to clean them.

Dickinson has always been in news for some reason or other. Recently, a nude photograph of the model had leaked in to the internet. According to certain media reports, the model had voluntarily posed nude for the cameras. She had also expressed her feeling towards model and actress Mia Amber Davis. Davis has recently died suddenly, while she was going through a routine knee surgery.