Sugar Ray Leonard reveals his shocking childhood abuse incident

Hollywood FAQs: Former American boxer and actor Sugar Ray Leonard recently made a shocking revelation that he was sexually abused in his childhood. The actor said that he was sexually abused at the age of 15, by a Olympic boxing coach.

When it comes to sexual abuse, people often think of protecting the girl child. But the fact is that even boys have fallen prey to people who do not think twice before abusing a child.

The incidences of child abuse is not new, but it is only in recent time that people have started talking about it openly. It is important to disclose any such cases to the parents, so that next time the parents will be more careful in terms of security of their children.

Not sure what child abuse is really about? Child abuse is a very heinous crime that has to be watched. Parents need to be more attentive towards their children. A child abuse can permanently change the life of a child and can leave permanent bruises on the child that has become a victim. Make your children more comfortable and instruct them to speak out in case if they come across such uncomfortable situations. Parents should have regular discussions with their children and must also be counseled if necessary.