‘Man Of Steel’ movie review

Despite mixed reviews from the critics, Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Man Of Steel’ is indeed doing well at the box office and flying high. The movie features amazing special effects and gives joyous heart-beating and on top of all that, it is one of the best Father’s Day movies ever made. The movie tells a story of Superman who has two fathers.

man of steel

Jor-El, played by veteran Russel Crow, who could have been the star of his own film series, is a fantastic scientist and a man of action. He is also a freedom lover and is an expert in Kryptonian karate. The movie is, as expected, action-packed, but some might find the blasts and fight scenes a bit over-the-top. However, with Zach Snyder, the man behind ‘300’ directing it, it is not a surprise. The story actually follows the origins of Superman.

The makers of the movie presented it in a chronological order, which begins in the past until present and this proves to be very effective. The screenplay is excellent, as writer David Goyer created a story which elicits empathy from the audience.

Henry Cavill, who is in the lead role as the Man of Steel himself, handled his character very well and managed to stand out, as he does not play the same character like the one Christopher Reeve did, as he is in a different kind of movie.