Amanda Bynes evicted from her apartment

American actress and fashion designer Amanda Bynes is reportedly evicted from her apartment in New York City. This news does not come as a surprise, as the former Nickelodeon star has been making headlines related to her troubles in the past few weeks.


Media reports claim that the actress was notified that she is no longer welcome as a tenant in her apartment building due to recent, highly-publicized events. On June 4, 2013, movers showed up at 9 pm at Amanda’s apartment and removed all her belongings and now she is officially out of the apartment. More sources revealed that the plan to get the actress out of her apartment was in the works for several weeks.

Neighbors in the building where Bynes resides made several complaints about the actress, saying she smokes marijuana in the apartment and also behaves rudely. Amanda was arrested on May 23, 2013, for smoking marijuana in the lobby of her apartment building and throwing a bong out of the window when police arrived to arrest her.

The actress was later taken to the Roosevelt Hospital for a psychological evaluation and was charged with reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. Her lawyers claim that she is mentally fine.