Friends star Matthew Perry goes back to the rehab

Hollywood FAQs: Actor Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler in FRIENDS, has said that he would be returning to rehab. The actor had previously suffered from prescription pills addiction, as well as alcohol addition.

The comedian said that he may have to leave the world of showbiz in order to focus on his recovery. The news comes as a disappointment for those who were following the TV series Mr. Sunshine, in which he acts and has also co-produced.

The show had started just recently and with Perry out of the series, it is feared that it may have to be terminated due to low ratings. The actor said that he would be taking a month long break away from work.

Perry added that he is leaving in search of some sobriety and to continue his recovery process. The comedian has also appealed to the audience to keep making fun of him on the World Wide Web. The publicist of the actor had confirmed the news, but added that currently he wasn’t in the rehab. While the actor was in the 10 year run of FRIENDS, he had been to the rehab twice for recovery from alcohol addiction and pain killer addiction.

The previous TV series of Perry, Studio 60 on the Sunset Trip’ was turned down due to poor ratings.