Katherine Jackson accused of extortion by AEG Live

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson has filed a lawsuit against promoters of AEG Live. Now the concert promoters have taken legal action against Katherine, claiming that the lawsuit filed by her is a ‘baseless extortion’ attempt. Jackson claimed earlier that promoters of the event failed to investigate the doctor who was later convicted of her son’s death in 2009.


AEG Live is being sued for $40 billion, while Randy Phillips says AEG Live does not bear any responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson. Katherine Jackson’s lawyer asked Phillips in court if he thinks the case was a baseless extortion, to which the head of AEG Live answered positively.

There are chances that Phillips might be asked about numerous emails he sent and received regarding Jackson’s health in final weeks of the superstar’s life, along with any contact he had with the convicted physician Conrad Murray. On the other hand, AEG Live claims that it was not responsible for hiring and supervising the doctor and also called legal action as ‘preposterous’.

The promoters also denied hiring Conrad Murray and agreeing to pay his fees as an advance to Michael Jackson. Murray had reportedly agreed to work for the star for $150,000 per month.