Adam Levine criticized for anti-patriotic remarks on The Voice

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was recently criticized for his unpatriotic comments during an episode of The Voice. The social networking sites were buzzing as Adam quipped, “I hate this country”. Reports say that the singer was apparently unaware that his microphone was on and his remark required the frontman to issue a formal statement to explain the situation.


On an episode of The Voice that aired on May 28, 2013, viewers had eliminated two of the three singers that Levine had coached on the show. Just part-way through the segment, Levine muttered his allegedly anti-American remark and the reports suggest that the star did not know his microphone was on at that time.

Most viewers would understand the comments made by Levine, as the public had rejected two thirds of his contestants. After the incident, hundreds of viewers commented on Levine’s whingeing and said it is a threat to liberty, democracy and the principles of the founding fathers. Initially, the singer tried to laugh off the incident, but American public is surely serious about the anti-American comments.

Due to this, Levine’s representative was distributing a penitent press release on May 29, 2013. The singer assured everyone that he obviously loves his country very much and his comments were made purely out of frustration.