Gunshots at Cannes Film Festival create panic

An interview with a French television was briefly interrupted when an incident involving a gun occurred. The interview was being conducted with actors Christopher Waltz and Daniel Auteuil at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2013. The incident created panic among nearby pedestrians.


Media reports and eyewitnesses near the Martinez Hotel said that a man was seen carrying a gun and another suspicious object when he appeared near a booth where jury members Auteuil and Waltz were talking to Le Grand Journal. It is a program that broadcasts nightly from a seaside location in front of the hotel.

Witnesses heard gunshots as the actors were taken off the stage and pedestrians scattered. TV reports claim that the gunshots were, in fact, blanks and no one was injured. Within minutes of the incident, the police arrived and the man was taken away. No further details about the suspect or his motive were revealed by the police.

No information has been provided as to what object he was holding. One of the workers at Martinez said that the evening was scary, but it was over quickly. Since then, the area is well-patrolled by the police.