Kathryn Bigelow plans movie on death of Osama Bin Laden

Hollywood FAQs: After the Navy SEAL team returned victorious after killing the 9/11 plotter Osama Bin Laden, Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow is now planning to make a movie on the death of Bin Laden. Bigelow has been following the story of the capture of Bin Laden .

The American film director along with Mark Boal is planning the movie, while Boal is currently writing the script of the movie. It was like a celebration day in the US after the news of Bin Laden gunned down in Pakistan had broken out.

The movie will be based on the search of the Al-Qaeda by the Navy SEAL team and how they had conquered over the habitat of the terrorist. Boal has been following the activities of the team who had captured Bin Laden’s house.

The writer is working over the details about their activities. The screen writer of the Hurt Locker plans to re-write the script, which would also include the details like entering the compound and the place where Osama was killed. The casting of the movie is under process and is expected to go on floors this summer. The story of Bin laden’s death would attract the audience in the world, who were also a part of the celebration.