Fan tries to get to Justin Bieber on stage

American teen sensation Justin Bieber recently was left shaken when an over enthusiastic fan jumped on the stage during his concert in Dubai. Thankfully, the singer wasn’t hurt while the fan tried to grab him mid song. The concert had already created some controversy when the singer arrived two hours late on stage to perform.


The recent incident is one of the latest controversies on the ‘Believe Tour’. The incident had sparked a buzz on the internet, where fans rushed to check if the singer was safe. Before the incident, Bieber’s  fans were eagerly waiting for the singer to arrive at the venue of the concert, which was a part of his Believe Tour.

During the wait, many people took to Instagram and Twitter to express their feelings for the singer. One of the singers fans posted an image of herself while clasping the coveted tickets to the show on May 5, 2013. Another Twitter user had posted an image of her daughter, who was eagerly waiting to see Bieber perform.

The drama started off when the concert began two hours late, which angered many parents who had accompanied their children for the concert. The event then turned nasty when a fan managed to evade the security and approach the singer.