Michael Jackson’s physician requests delay of trial

HollywoodFAQs: Pop icon Michael Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray had earlier pleaded the court to grant him more time to prove his innocence. Now the Judge in Los Angeles has to take the decision, whether to give the defense some time or not.

Murray had been alleged of man slaughtering the pop star and gross negligence in administering propofol, an anesthetic to Jackson. The judge Michael Pastor of the Superior Court in Los Angeles will be taking the decision on Monday.

The testimonies of the case would be held on 9th of May 2011. The 58 year old cardiologist had reportedly given the singer an overdose of an anesthetic, which is made use in surgeries, which had led to the death of the pop star.

The defense has requested the court to allow the prosecutors to call some experts, which will include an expert anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologist Steven Shafer has opined that there was no chance that the singer could self inject dose of propofol. On the other hand Murray’s lawyer had defended that the singer was desperate to have some sleep, so that he could get ready for the rehearsals. The lawyer had said that Jackson had self injected or drank the propofol, which ultimately led to his death.