Kim Kardashian describes experience with painful pregnancy

Now that Socialite Kim Kardashian is past her divorce formalities, the reality star has all the time in the world to concentrate on her first pregnancy with Kanye West’s child. Kardashian recently admitted that her child is not just another source of income, which will result in tabloid covers and diet deals.


The reality star says that pregnancy can actually hurt. Kim said, “It’s just really painful everywhere”. While her sister Khloe Kardashian said, “Her back hurts, her breasts hurt, her stomach hurts, her feet hurt, her head hurts, her eyes hurt, her nails hurt.” Kim is able to keep her Facebook feed updated and is keeping her fans informed about each and every stage of her condition.

Not only does the star have physical discomfort, but also has concerns over the health of her baby. She also frequently checks on the internet to study various aspects of pregnancy. Kim expressed that sometimes she gets really paranoid and begins Googling things and the images which turn up are really scary and more often than not freak her out.

With her recent divorce finally going though, fans of the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star have started asking if she will now marry Kanye West.