Justin Bieber’s racy cartoon post invites criticism

American singer Justin Bieber invited plenty of criticism when he posted a racy cartoon of himself, where he was shirtless with a topless girl. The picture had shown Justin embracing a topless girl with brown hair, who was tagged as a ‘Belieber’.

justin 1

The ‘Baby’ singer has been scrutinized and criticised since his visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where he left a 20-word letter on the museum’s guest book. The singer said that Frank was ‘a great girl’. Anne had died of Typhus when she was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp.

However, people on social media sites did not take the comments lightly and were outraged when Bieber said, “Hopefully she would have been a Belieber,” while referring the nickname for his fans. Anne’s step sister Eva Schloss said that the uproar was childish.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer has been lashing out at the media by posting more shirtless pictures of himself on Instagram. Though, it is still not clear whether the racy cartoon posted by the singer was just fan art or whether he was sharing something that he had commissioned himself. The image definitely gave Justin’s fans something to believe in, with people around the world posting comments on the picture.