Friends not to return with reunion season

Star media had allegedly announced that the popular TV series Friends will be revived in 2014, according to a media article. However, these reports have turned out to be untrue. The article had claimed that the network was planning to have a reunion season with the cast, but nothing has been finalized yet.


The TV series was popular among the youth across the globe and had premiered on NBC in September 1994. The series was set in Manhattan and was based on the lives of six young friends in their 20’s. Friends had made actors like David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and Courtney Cox into household names.

At this point the rumours seem to be false, but fans of the series would certainly welcome a reunion if it could be arranged. Marta Kauffman, the creator of the show said that a reunion would not happen right now and that she had heard about the rumour when she was at a bar with the show’s costume designer.

Kauffman also clarified that Friends will never get to the big screen, unlike shows like ‘Sex and The City’ and ‘Entourage’. The long-running sitcom is part of pop culture and was one of the most well-known shows on TV in its prime.