Beyonce slammed for unflattering costume

Once again American singer and songwriter Beyonce is in news over a costume-related issue. The pop princess has been criticised for her latest wardrobe selection, which she used at her Mrs Carter World Tour in Belgrade, Serbia on April 15, 2013. The singer was wearing a gold sequined leotard, which had sparkly golden nipples.


Ariane Sommer, a Hollywood writer slammed the singer for her wrong selection of dress, saying that it was an “Ill-executed effort to keep up with younger and more raucous stars”, of the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Gaga and Rihanna are the celebrities who grab attention with the help of their eye catching outfits.

Sommer went on to say that it was disappointing to see that Beyonce had to turn to something visual to get noticed. The writer added that the ‘Bootylicious’ singer was always known for her clean sex appeal, which was the major reason she became a star with commercial endorsements for big brands like Pepsi and L’Oreal.

The unique dress style of Beyonce has attracted plenty of attention on the internet as well. Some called it the ‘stripper look’, while many called it disrespectful. Earlier, Beyonce had caught the attention of critics for lip-syncing the American national anthem during the Presidential Inauguration and now the dress issue has cast the celebrity in a different light.