Kate Middleton to christen her first ship

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton will officially name the Princess Cruises’ latest ship ‘Royal Princess’ on June 13, 2013 at the port of Southampton in Britain. Middleton will be adding to the traditional Royal female duty of christening to her list of the firsts, since she got married into the Royal family.


The announcement of the christening was made by the palace and Princess Cruises. By the time the of the christening, Kate will be heavily pregnant at about eight months and she is due to give birth to a future monarch. Kate will become the godmother of the ship, according to popular reports. This means that she will bestow her blessings on the vessel and seek for the safety of its passengers.

This is also an important ritual in a maritime nation like Britain, which has been carried out by queens, royal duchesses and princesses. Even Princess Diana, the late mother-in-law of Kate had christened the first Royal Princess in the year 1984.

Other godmothers of the British line include former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose death on Monday had delayed the announcement of the christening. The Royal ship naming ceremony will include blessing, the smashing of a bottle over the hull of the ship and music by the marines.