Sara Gilbert announces engagement with Linda Perry

American actress Sara Gilbert has announced her engagement to Linda Perry, who has been Gilbert’s girlfriend for more than a year. Gilbert shared the video of the proposal, which was elaborate and was best captured by Gilbert herself.


The proposal had a love song, a picnic, a break up song, a day dream, a guitarist, a string section, horns, friends and musician John Waite. Gilbert replied to the proposal and said, “Well yeah, after that spectacle!” The actress also thanked the audience members for their support of gay marriage and added that it might give them all something to cheer for by the time they tie the knot.

Same sex marriage has been banned in the state and the case is currently with the Supreme Court. Perry was earlier a member of ‘4 Non Blondes’ in the 90’s and now works as a songwriter for the celebrities like James Blunt and Pink. The two have been dating since the year 2011, but Gilbert initially thought that it was weird.

Gilbert is the sister of Melissa Gilbert and former Roseanne cast member. She had earlier broken up with Allison Adler in the month of August 2011, which was just a year after she went public about her sexuality.