Beyonce and Jay Z celebrate fifth marriage anniversary in Cuba

Musical couple Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z celebrated five years of their marriage in Havana in Cuba. The celebrity couple enjoyed a ‘Communist State of Mind’ on April 4, 2013, as they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.


The rapper and his wife were mobbed by a set of fans as they were touring old Havana while wearing dark sunglasses and vacation gear. Beyonce was seen sporting a high beehive hairdo, with large earrings that matched her yellow dress.

The singer was seen posing with school children for pictures while she toured the city. The city rules of Cuba has made it illegal for US citizens to visit the Caribbean isle as tourists. However, every year about ten thousand Americans make a trip on the basis of special licenses for academic, religious, cultural or professional programs.

Beyonce, while in Havana, refused to talk to reporters and even the couple’s publicists did not respond to queries. Moreover, the US agencies who arranged for the licenses did not comment on the case either. The CubiSi, which is the website run by the Cuban government had invited the celebrity couple to make a trip. It appeared as though the couple were having a blast during their trip as well.