Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates 48th birthday with husband and son

American singer and actress Sarah Jessica Parker, on March 25, 2013 turned 48 years old. The actress celebrated the occasion with her husband and son by visiting Tilda Swinton’s sleepy exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art at New York.


The singer was spotted heading towards the museum with her happy family, which included husband Matthew Broderick and son James Wilkie, in New York’s West Village in the afternoon. As the city was dealing with 30 degree snowfall, the family was seen wrapped in grey beanies.

Jessica was seen with a copy of The New Yorker and wore a tan hooded puffy coat over ripped blue jeans and fur lined boots. Husband Matthew turned 51 last Thursday and was seen wearing a grey hooded quilted jacket over black trousers. The couple’s little son was seen dressed in a dark grey hooded parka, over blue jeans and grey Uggs.

The family was eager to see the exhibit known as ‘The Maybe’, which has an actress sleeping in a glass box for seven hours a day. Reports say that the actress was seen laughing and excitedly chatting with Broderick and two male friends. The 52-year-old’s art installation first debuted in the year 1995 at the Serpentine Gallery at London.