Rihanna’s tour buses caught in drug trouble

The Diamonds World Tour being conducted by Rihanna is once again in trouble. Since its start two weeks ago, the tour has suffered a few cancellations and now the singer is facing yet another road block. This time the stoppage has taken place at the Canadian border.


Recent media reports claimed that a fleet of about ten buses were stopped at the Ambassador Bridge that separates the state of Michigan and Canada. The busses had been stopped so that a search could be conducted. The authorities who were searching had brought sniffing dogs and discovered that one of the passengers had a small amount of cannabis in their possession.

The surprising thing was that Rihanna was not present in any of the buses. With this it can be presumed that the singer flies to each of her destinations on the tour. The passenger was slapped with a civil penalty and was left to go on his way.

It is also known that the ‘Umbrella’ singer likes to be engaged in some smoking activities. The ‘Stay’ singer might have been informed about the incident now and could possibly have a quiet tour from here on.