Nicki Minaj believes in more make up

American rapper Nicki Minaj, who is fond of carrying off bizarre looks, said that her approach to make-up is to apply as much as you want. The singer said that the best way to apply makeup is with a steady hand and with lots of confidence.


The rapper made a confession that she likes to contour her face a lot, which helps to enhance her features. Nicki also believes that cosmetics must be applied liberally by using a bit of imagination and plenty of confidence.

The rapper said, ”I’m really into contouring to change the shape of my face. When it comes to putting on fake eyelashes, I use a little imagination, a lot of eyeliner, a steady hand and no fear. For me, more is more.” The ‘Va Va Voom’ singer has plenty of beauty secrets and shared that the key to flawless skin is to use natural products.

The ‘Super Bass’ rapper also stressed that one must be particular about removing make-up. Nicki said that she never goes to bed without removing her make-up and that she drinks a lot of water and slathers herself with cocoa butter. The ‘Starships’ singer was also advised by a dermatologist in Los Angeles to never use anything that contains alcohol to wash her skin.