Kate Middleton to have a baby girl?

The whole world is excited about the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton first child. Recently the couple has hinted that they might have a baby girl, this news brought joy to all their well-wishers.


Middeton was on an official visit to the English Port city of Grimsby and the Duchess had a slip of tongue, as she accepted a teddy bear from one of her well wishers, saying, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d . . . ” She then stopped.

Another person – Sandra Cook, who was standing by her side said that she too had heard Kate saying that she would take the bear for her ‘D…’ after which she stopped herself. The Princess was also questioned if she was going to complete her sentence with the word daughter, to which she replied, ‘No, we don’t know.’

The Royal baby is due in the month of July 2013 and as per reports, the sex of the child is never revealed before the birth of the child. The Duchess said that the baby has been very active, when shop worker Bobby Brown had asked her if the baby was moving or kicking. The Royal couple have been at the centre of media attention ever since they got married and now with the birth of their baby, they would need to decide whether to continue being in the public spotlight.