Beyonce reveals intimate pictures with daughter Blue Ivy

American singer Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy is already reading flashcards at 13 months. The ‘Run the World’ singer spoke to talk show host Oprah Winfrey and broke the news recently. In the interview, Beyonce gushed about her baby’s ability to recognize flash cards at such a young age, saying that Blue Ivy was funny and likened her to fire. The ‘Crazy in Love’ singer went on to say that her baby was very smart and was beautiful as well.

Beyonce Oprah

Growing children are shown flashcards so that they develop a healthy inquisitive mind from a young age. There have been some in scientific circles who have argued that flash cards are not needed at such as young age, as a growing child’s mind is already being stimulated in many ways. However the usefulness of the cards as a learning tool is undeniable.

Beyonce has revealed a lot about her life in ‘Life Is But A Dream’ and as put up various personal images of herself with her daughter. The pictures reveal some intimate moments between the star and her child, as they are seen in loving embraces. The ‘Halo’ singer was visibly happy to be spending quality time with her family.