The Beatles’ Please Please Me to be re-recorded by artists

In some good news for all the fans of The Beatles; Joss Stone, The Stereophonic and I Am Kloot are among the big names who have teamed up to re-record the British group’s classic album ‘Please Please Me’. The album will be recorded in a 12-hour mammoth session.


The popular album was earlier recorded in the year on February 11, 1963 by the ‘Fab Four’. A collection of modern singers, bands and songwriters are determined to observe the 50th anniversary of the legendary album and have gathered at Abbey Road, where they will attempt to record all the songs in the same amount of time. The performances will be broadcast during the day on Radio 2. So far performances like ‘ There’s A Place’ by Gabrielle Aplin and ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ by Stereophonic have been broadcast on television. Stone had put her own stamp on the song ‘A Taste OF Honey’ as well.

All the performances are a part of the ’12 Hours To Please Me’ marathon. Bob Shennan from BBC Radio 2 said, “The re-creation of Please Please Me promises to be one of Radio 2’s stand-out moments of 2013.” Shennan also said that it was one album which had changed the world of pop music and that he thinks that the 50th anniversary of the album was a timely moment to remind everyone of how good it was.