Stuart Freeborn – Make-up artist dies at 98

Popular British motion picture make-up artist, Stuart Freeborn, who was known for his contributions to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and the Star Wars films, passed away at the age of 98. Freeborn was known for being largely self-taught and worked for a span of six decades in the film industry.


The artist has also touched up some cinematic legends like Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness. One of the most popular creations by the artist was Yoda, the Jedi master, who was first seen in the 1980’s Star Wars film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars paid tribute to Freeborn saying that he was a make up legend even before he started working with him. Lucas said, “He brought with him not only decades of experience, but boundless creative energy. His artistry and craftsmanship will live on forever in the characters he created.”

The Star Wars creator added that the creatures of Star Wars could be reinterpreted in new forms by new generators, but essentially they will continue to be what Freeborn had created for the original films. Freeborn was born in the year 1914 in Leytonstone in east London. His father was an insurance broker who insisted that he follows his footsteps, but the artist had other plans and became a legend in the film industry.