Bradley Cooper says mental illness is highly stigmatized

Bradley cooper’s new film ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ has been doing the rounds at various film festivals around the world. He is proud of his work in the film and it has even fetched him a nomination for the Academy Awards for the first time. He spoke highly of director David O. Russel recently on the show ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’. He liked the way the director treated mental illness films and spread the message about how one can beat mental illness with the right support system.

Bradley Cooper Lance Armstrong

In the interview, Cooper said that mental illness is highly stigmatized, it cannot be treated easily and that it was like cancer. If diagnosed in its final stages, nothing much can be done to save a patient, but if detected early, it could be controlled.

The ‘Limitless’ actor also put to rest rumors of him playing the role of Lance Armstrong in his next film. After his hardball sit down with Matthews, he went to the screening of his film, where he plays the role of a Bipolar Disorder patient with frequent mood swings and erratic behavior. Severe stress gave the Bipolar character played by Cooper weird thoughts.

He also went on to address the question and answer session with the 50 US military vets, who suffered from post traumatic stress in Washington D.C. ‘The Hangover’ star said that he was happy that he got the opportunity to talk to people about mental stress and other mental illnesses.